地藏:江*泽*民在剑桥的演讲 (15千字)

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students and faculty, ladies and gentlemen:
i would like to thank you, sir alec broers, vice-chancellor, for the invitation, which brings me to the famous cambridge university.
it gives me great pleasure to be together with young friends in a discussion on how mankind should rise up to the challenge in the new century and build a better future.
cambridge university is a world-renowned university with a history of more than 700 years. it has nurtured great scientists, thinkers and poets such as newton, bacon, milton, byron and darwin, who made outstanding contribution to the progress of mankind.
today, cambridge university, which has produced more nobel prize winners than any other university, still takes a significant place among all the institutions of higher learning in the world.
over fifty years ago when i was a university student, many young chinese students were longing for an opportunity to come and study in cambridge.
this university began its contacts with china as early as the beginning of the last century.
a hundred years ago, cambridge started the chinese language course.
the late dr. joseph needham of cambridge university enjoyed a high prestige in the chinese academic circles.
he devoted his entire life to the writing of science and civilization in china, a monumental work for study on ancient chinese science and technology and cultural achievements.
for 100 years, many chinese scholars, best represented by mr. hua luogeng, an outstanding chinese mathematician, have traveled long distances to study in cambridge.
today, the chinese academic community still maintains good exchanges and cooperation with cambridge.
this has played a positive role in and exerted a sound influence on enhanced cultural exchanges and friendship between the chinese and british people and progress in science and technology as well as in thinking.
n the 20th century, mankind has created material and spiritual wealth unmatched by any other time in history.
regrettably, it is also in these 100 years that humanity has experienced unprecedented hardships, particularly the havoc of the two world wars.
however, it is always the people of the world that make and write world history. in this sense, justice will inevitably prevail over evil, light over darkness and progress over backwardness. mankind will undoubtedly keep on overcoming difficulties and obstacles, blaze new trails and steadily move forward to a better future.
the 21st century is approaching. the people of the world still face many tough challenges, but definitely they also see enormous opportunities for development.
so long as the people of the world work in unison and form a strong force to tackle all challenges, mankind with its civilization will continue to march forward against all odds. like a ship braving the wind and the waves. people of different countries have traversed different roads of historical development. each nation with its own cultural background, social system and value, will continue to lead a life in its own way.
the world is colorful and diversified.
people of different countries have traversed different roads of historical development. each nation with its own cultural background, social system and value, will continue to lead a life in its own way.
this diversity is the very reason why the world is full of competition, vigor and innovation.
countries should enhance exchanges and understanding, and move ahead together on the basis of mutual respect and equality. they should not allow the diversity to be a barrier to their forward march, still less should they deliberately provoke confrontation and conflict.
to respect and develop the diversity of world civilization and identify therefrom common interests are a great driving force propelling human society forward.
here, i want to share with you some of my thoughts on china‘‘s development, in the hope that it will give you a better understanding of my country.
the people‘‘s republic of china has just celebrated its 50th anniversary.
fifty years are but a brief moment for chinese civilization that has been going on for more than 5,000 years.
however, in the past 50 years, earth-shaking changes have taken place on this ancient chinese land. it has taken on a completely new look.
china in modern history was a semi-colonial and semi- feudal society.
it was weak, feeble and fell a prey to foreign invasion, with lots of land annexed and its people plunged into an abyss of misery.
中国人民为改变这种悲惨命运,进行了顽强的抗争。the chinese people fought tenaciously to change their miserable destiny.
from the middle of the last century to that of this century, the chinese people went through setbacks and defeat in their struggles, but they never yielded. finally, under the leadership of the communist party of china, they won national independence and liberation and founded new china.
from then on china entered a completely new era of development in its history.
the chinese people of all ethnic groups, who have taken their destiny in their own hands and enjoy independence, unity, peace and stability, are now able to devote all their energy to the cause of building up their country and realize the lofty ideal of national rejuvenation.
they deeply cherish their hard-won right to be masters of the country and the right past to development, that is ,building socialism with chinese characteristics. this is a road they have found after years of difficult exploration.
both history and realities tell us that only by adhering to all this can china obtain a sustainable development and the chinese people lead a happy life.
our strenuous efforts in the past 50 years have brought about a substantial boost in the overall national strength and social productivity and a marked improvement of people‘‘s livelihood.
from 1952 to 1998, china‘‘s gdp grew at an average annual rate of 7.7%, much higher than the world average of 3% in the same period.
its economic aggregates are the 7th largest in the world, its foreign exchange reserves the second largest, and its total foreign trade volume the 11th largest.
in the past two decades, the poverty- stricken population in its rural areas has been reduced by more than 200 million, and more than 95% of farmers have got enough and to spare.
life expectancy has increased from 35 years prior to the founding of new china to the current 71. the illiteracy rate among adults has dropped from 80% to 16.5%.
remarkable achievements have been scored in both the material and spiritual civilization.
gone forever are the days in which china was poor and weak.
there are comments from world opinion: “it has taken china only on generation to achieve what would have taken other countries several centuries to accomplish”.
what china has accomplished has not only laid a solid foundation for its future development, but also constituted enormous contribution to peace and stability of asia and the world at large.
the reason why china can achieve so much in the short space of several decades lies with the unprecedented unity that the people of all ethnic groups have attained under the leadership of the cpc. it can also be attributed to the road of building socialism with chinese characteristics that the chinese people have found and to the inspiration that the chinese nation has drawn from its fine tradition and culture as well as the spirit of the new era.
a nation without a spirit to support it has no future.
to have a good understanding of what has happened and what will happen in china, it is absolutely necessary to know the basic chinese values.
the chinese nation has always valued human dignity and value.
even in the ancient days, our ancestors came up with the idea of people being most important, believing that “man is the most valuable among all the things that heaven fosters”.
progress and development of a society hinge on human progress and development and depend on how well human dignity is maintained and how much human value is realized.
the communist party of china has lead the chinese people in carrying out revolution, development and reform precisely for the purpose of ensuring the entire chinese people broad freedoms, democracy and human rights.
the immense vitality displayed by china today is a vivid reflection of the broad freedoms and democratic rights enjoyed by the chinese people.
china‘‘s population reached around 60 million as early as in the 1st century.
for several thousand years, to provide for the people ‘‘s need for food, clothing, housing and transport has all along been the primary human rights challenge for successive governments in chinese history.
in today‘‘s china, which is a large developing country with a population of over 1.2 billion, top priority should still be given to ensuring the greatest possible majority of its people the rights to subsistence and development. otherwise, there would be no other rights to speak of.
to ensure our people these rights is in itself a major contribution to the progress of the world human rights cause.
collective and individual human rights have to go hand in hand and their coordinated development should be pursued, so do economic, social and cultural rights on the one hand and civil and political rights on the other. this is in keeping with china‘‘s specific national conditions and is therefore the only way to progress in the human rights cause in china.
china has been concentrating its resources on economic development, promoting all-round social progress and persistently developing socialist democracy and building a socialist country under the rule of law. all this is aimed at promoting the cause of human rights of the chinese people.
china has played an active part in international activities in the human rights field, carried out highly effective dialogues and cooperation with the rest of international community on the question of human rights on the basis of equality and mutual respect and hence made positive contributions to progress in the global human rights cause.
the chinese nation has persistently pursued an independent national spirit and road to development.
we, the chinese people, regard independence as the foundation on which to build the country.
we have created a splendid chinese civilization by making unremitting endeavor over five thousand years.
we grew stronger by relying on our own efforts in the struggle to resist foreign aggression and gain national liberation in modern times and finally became masters of our own destiny.
independence and self- reliance should not rule out learning from other countries and drawing upon the fruits of world civilization.
the two are complementary to each other.
our ancestors came to know this a long time ago.